Nowadays, it has become common for people to use fish feed pellet-making machines. Nowadays, the aquaculture industry is growing rapidly and the industry is becoming more and more mature. Most of the fish that people consume daily also come from aquaculture. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the demand and production of fish food for the development of aquaculture. Fish feeds can be produced by steam processing, producing compacted sinking feeds; or by extrusion, producing swollen floating feeds.

Types of fish feeds

  1. Floating feed. This type of feed floats on the water surface. In general, floating feeds have many advantages over sinking feeds.
  2. Sinking feed. Sinking feeds are solid feed particles that will submerge during use. They are more economical.
Floating fish feed pellets
Floating Fish Feed Pellets

Characteristics of floating fish feed pellets

There is no difference between floating and sinking fish food in terms of nutrition, it is mainly a matter of choosing the right fish food pellet according to your fish species.

Features of floating fish feed

  1. Best water stability
  2. Many anti-nutritional factors are removed by heating.
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Easy monitoring of fish. Fish feeding can be observed.

Processing technology: extrusion, expansion of pellets.
Processing equipment: fish feed puffing machine.

Fish feed pellet machine
Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Features of sinking fish feed

  1. Good water stability.
  2. Cheaper than floating food, therefore lower capital cost.
  3. Ideal for a fast-moving stream.
  4. More suitable for fish living on the bottom.

Scope of application of floating fish feed pellets 

Floating fish food is usually used for the larger subordinate, food fish, and parent fish. As the fish feed floats on the water surface, the fish must surface to feed. In this way, farmers can observe the health and vitality of their fish on a daily basis. The amount of feed can also be adjusted to avoid waste and pond pollution.

Suitable fish for sinking fish feed pellets

For some ornamental fish such as goldfish and koi, sinking fish feed pellets are more suitable for them. There are also shrimps that prefer sinking pellets (density greater than water, 1 g/cm3). This is because they all feed on the bottom.

Sinking fish feed pellet
Sinking Fish Feed Pellet