Fish food extruder machine

Fish food extruder machine successful implementation in Zambia

Recently, our fish food extruders were sold to Zambia, where our client is a school.

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Flat die machine for business

Flat die machine shipped to Brazil

In the thriving agricultural landscape of Brazil, a leading feed processing plant has recently incorporated our advanced flat die machine, injecting new vitality and efficiency into its production line.

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Commercial feed pellet production line

Feed pellet production line exported to Indonesia

In the vibrant agricultural landscape of Indonesia, a forward-thinking livestock farmer, Mr. Agung, faced the challenge of ensuring consistent and high-quality nutrition for his diverse range of animals.

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Exported feed pellet machine

Fish feed pellet machine exported to Ghana

As proud suppliers of the Fish Feed Pellet Machine, we are delighted to announce the recent successful delivery of our equipment to a Ghanaian aquaculturist, infusing new vitality into his....

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Fish feed pelletizer for sale to the United States

On July 12, two sets of fish feed pellets for sale were sold to the United States! The customer also need flavoring and dryer machine.

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Fish feed pellet making machine

Fish feed pellet making machine sold to Peru

This week a Peruvian customer bought 6 fish feed pellet making machines from us. This is our regular customer.

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Fish feed extruder line for sale

Ship the fish feed extruder line for sale to India

Great news! A customer from India purchased a DGP80 fish feed extruder line for sale from us.

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Fish feed pelletizing machine

Fish feed pelletizing machine sold to Cameroon

Good news! A customer from Cameroon bought a fish feed pelletizing machine and other related equipment from us.

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Fishing pellet making machine

Shipping the fishing pellet making machine to Congo

A customer from the Democratic Republic of Congo has purchased a DGP-80 fishing pellet making machine.

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Fish food maker machine

Export fish food maker machine to Cote Dlvoire

A customer from Côte d'Ivoire purchased a fish food maker machine production line. Among them, the fish food pellet machine is a DGP-80 model.

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