Fishing pellet making machine

Shipping the fishing pellet making machine to Congo

A customer from the Democratic Republic of Congo has purchased a DGP-80 fishing pellet making machine.

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Fish food maker machine

Export fish food maker machine to Cote Dlvoire

A customer from Côte d'Ivoire purchased a fish food maker machine production line. Among them, the fish food pellet machine is a DGP-80 model.

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Fish feed mill machine

High output fish feed mill machine exported to Cameroon

Good news! Another fish food pellet mill was exported to Cameroon. The customer bought a fish pellet mill model DGP-60.

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Grain hammer mill

A set of grain hammer mill sold to New Zealand

Our grain hammer mill can handle a wide variety of materials. In addition to processing grains, it can also handle various straws and grasses.

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Small grain grinder

Shipping a small grain grinder to the United Arab Emirates

Small grain grinders are great for home use. At the same time, the use of this machine with a thresher can greatly improve the efficiency.

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Fish feed pellet extruder

Shipping the fish feed pellet extruder to Peru

The output of the DGP60-B fish feed pellet extruder is 120-150kg/h. This type of fish food pellet machine is very popular with customers and can meet the needs of small....

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Fish feed pellet mill

Niger customer bought a set of fish feed pellet mill

Good news! A customer from Niger bought a DGP60-B fish feed pellet mill from us. This fish pellet mill also has a higher capacity of 0.10-0.12t per hour. We also....

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Fish feed machine

Fish feed machine sold to Ecuador

Something to celebrate! The customer in Ecuador is an end-user of a fish feed machine. He bought from us a fish feed machine DGP80-B, which can produce 300-500 kg of....

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Fish food pellet machine

Mexican customer buys a fish food pellet machine

Good news! A customer from Mexico bought a DGP70-B fish food pellet machine from us. The output of this model is 0.18-0.20t/h. Our fish food pellet mills are also available....

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Fish pellet making machine

Supply the fish pellet making machine to Belgium

Something to celebrate! A customer from Belgium bought a fish pellet-making machine from us. And the machine is DGP40.

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