Recently, our fish food extruders were sold to Zambia, where our client is a school.

The school purchased our machines to provide practical courses for students to gain insights into the feed production process and aquaculture techniques.


Aquaculture is crucial for many communities in Zambia, yet students often lack opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of this industry.

Exported fish food extruder machine
Exported Fish Food Extruder Machine

Traditional classroom teachings often fail to provide students with hands-on experiences in aquaculture operations and feed production processes.

Therefore, the school aimed to enrich the learning experience through practical courses.


The school decided to introduce our fish food extruders as their practical teaching equipment. Our machines can produce various types of feed pellets and are easy to operate, making them ideal for student learning and operation.

Through this equipment, students can actively participate in every stage of feed production, from raw material processing to pellet formation, gaining a practical understanding of aquaculture operations.


Fish food extruder machine for sale
Fish Food Extruder Machine For Sale

With the introduction of our fish food extruders, the school’s practical courses have been immensely successful. Students, through hands-on experiences, have gained a deeper understanding of aquaculture techniques and feed production processes.

They have not only enhanced their understanding of the aquaculture industry but also acquired practical skills that lay a solid foundation for future career development.


Through our equipment, the school has successfully provided students with opportunities for practical learning, allowing them to gain insights into the importance of aquaculture techniques and feed production.

We are honored to support them and look forward to seeing their future achievements in the field of aquaculture.

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