Who we are?

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Taizy Machinery is a very professional and famous manufacturer of fish food pellets, pet pellets, and related machinery. Since its establishment, Taizy Machinery has been in business for more than 20 years. The main products we produce are fish food pellet machines, pet food machines, grain crushers, mixers, dryers, seasoning machines, and so on. In the process of development, we keep up with the progress of science and technology to develop machinery that meets people’s needs for fish food pellets and pet food in various periods. We are committed to producing machinery products that meet the needs of the public and are durable. Now our machines are exported to many countries. For Example, Peru, Ghana, Niger, Angola, Malaysia, Belgium, and so on. Due to the frequent export to these countries, many of our customers have become our long-term customers.

Nowadays, there are many fish farmers in many areas. At the same time, due to the high cost of buying fish feed, which is not conducive to increasing revenue, therefore, there are now many fish farmers who choose to buy their own fish feed pellet machine to make their own fish food. This way the nutrition of fish food can be guaranteed while the fish food made by itself is clean and hygienic. This is more conducive to the growth and development of the fish. At the same time save costs and reduce the expenses on the purchase of fish food. Nowadays, many families have pets, so pet food is also in great demand. Therefore, many people buy the necessary machinery to make pet food.

What are our services?

1. Recommend a suitable machine to our customers. Before recommending the right machine, we will first ask to determine the customer’s specific needs, such as raw materials, output, product effect, etc.. Then we recommend the suitable machine according to the customer’s answer. Customers can also choose the equipment they want from the machines we recommend.

2. Provide the customer with pictures and videos of the machine. We will send the relevant machine pictures, videos, and technical parameters in the process of communication with customers so that customers have a full understanding of the machine.

3. We support customized machines. We will customize the machine according to the customer’s specific needs.

4. We have various payment methods. For example Trade Assurance, T/T, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Western Union, Cash, etc. You can choose the most convenient payment method.

5. We will give you one year of free after-sales service. We can guide our customers online and help them solve various problems.