On July 12, two sets of fish feed pelletizer for sale were sold to the United States! The customer also purchased a flavoring machine and pellet dryer to use with the fish food pellet machine. This way the manufactured fish food pellets can be sold or fed to fish directly.

Why did the customer buy the fish feed making machine?

The customer is now in the United States and has retired. Now he wants to buy a fish feed pelletizer and go home to develop agriculture. So he sent an inquiry to us through an online search.

Detailed information on fish feed pelletizer for sale

Fish feed pelletizer
Main power:15kw
Cutter power:0.4kw
Feed supply power:0.4kw
Temperature control power:1kw
Screw Diameter:65mm
Pellet Drying Machine
Power: 6kw electric motor
Seasoning Machine
Power: 0.55kw
Capacity: 150kg/h
Material: stainless steel
fish feed pelletizer’s parameter

The working process of the fish feed processing machine

The process of making fish pellets is very simple, only need a few machines to work together to make good quality fish food.

  1. First of all, customers will use the fish feed pelletizer for sale to make the raw materials into floating pellets.
  2. Then use the fish food seasoning machine to season and add grease to make the fish food pellets more delicious.
  3. Finally, use the drying machine to dry the fish food pellets.

Fish food pellet production line provided by Taizy

Besides the fish feed pelletizer for sale, we also have other supporting facilities to make up a complete fish pellet production line.

The complete fish pellet production line includes hammer mill, mixer, screw feeder, fish food pellet machine, fish feed dryer, and seasoning machine.

The combination of fish food pellet machine line is very flexible, we will recommend the right machine solution according to the customer’s specific needs. Please feel free to contact us!