Good news! A customer from Malaysia has ordered a single screw fish feed extruder machine from us. We have different models for different outputs in our fish pellet making machine series. The customer’s requirement is 200kg/h, so he bought the DGP70-B fish pellet mill.

The customer has several fish ponds dedicated to fish feeding. He used to buy fish food feed directly before, but now he wants to try making his own fish food pellets. This way he can make sure his fish food pellets are nutritious, and healthy and save more feed costs.

Single screw fish feed extruder machine
Single Screw Fish Feed Extruder Machine

Order details about the fish feed extruder machine

How did the customer contact us?

The customer found our website by searching fish food pelleting machine on google. After browsing our information page about the fish food-making machine, he decided to send us an inquiry. He contacted us via WhatsApp using the contact information on our website.

Communication process of the single screw fish food extruder machine

After we received the message from the customer we replied as soon as possible and started to communicate with him about the machine. We first confirmed with the customer the output he needed. After that, according to the customer’s output of 200kg/h, we immediately provided the customer with a quotation for the DGP70-B fish pellet mill and detailed information about the machine. Besides, the customer was interested in whether the machine could make other feeds. Our machine can produce other poultry feeds by just changing the discharge die. After confirming the details of the machine, the customer decided to buy a fish pellet mill.

Payment and shipping

The customer indicated that he needed to pay by credit card. So we sent a link to the customer so that he could pay directly. Later, since the customer had a freight forwarder in China, after discussion we transported the machine to Qingdao port to the customer’s freight forwarder.

What questions about the fish feeding machine that customers focus on?

1. Does the fish feed-making machine include grinding?

No, it can only process the power materials into pellets.

2. Do you have grinders?

Yes, we can also provide the grain grinder machine.

3. Can you send me a user manual?

After you buy the single screw fish feed extruder machine we will send you the video and manual to help you use the machine.

4. For the grinding and pallet making for 10 hours shift how many workers be needing?

One person per one machine is enough. Because our machine is highly automatic. One person can complete all the work.

5. What are the measurements needed for both types of machines I mean building?

The small dryer production line needs 10 * 2* 2.5m. The bigger dryer need 15*2 * 2.5 m. You can also put the machine in an “L” shape, it will save space. And we test the machine before shipping it to you.

6. Can you tell me the lead time of the supply?

Because we have no stock this period time. We need about 20 days to prepare the single screw fish feed extruder machine.

7. Sure hope we can pay Alibaba through credit cards.

Yes, you can, when you are ready I draft the order and send you the link.

Advantages of Taizy floating fish feed extruder

1. The fish food pellet mill produced by Taizy has a simple structure, a small footprint, and low noise.

2. The application of the fish food pellet mill is wide. Besides fish food, it can also make other pet and poultry feed.

3. High-quality material is used to manufacture the machine. The internal blade, die and extrusion device is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

4. Our single screw fish feed extruder machine is extruding raw materials into pellets at high temperatures. Therefore, the final fish food pellets are free from other insect eggs and pathogenic microorganisms. So it can reduce the occurrence of various fish diseases.

Stock of dry type fish feed extruder
Stock Of Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder