Good news! Our fish feed mill machine was sent to an Indonesian aquaculture plant!

Customer Background:

Indonesia, renowned for its abundant aquatic resources, has witnessed rapid growth in its aquaculture industry. Near Jakarta, a fish farm faced challenges in enhancing the efficiency and quality of their fish feed production.

Exported fish feed mill machine
Exported Fish Feed Mill Machine

They sought to optimize their production process, improve the nutritional value of their feed, and meet the escalating market demand by incorporating advanced fish feed processing equipment.

Needs Analysis:

  1. Enhancing Production Efficiency: The customer aimed to boost fish feed production efficiency to meet the growing market demand effectively.
  2. Optimizing Feed Quality: They desired to enhance the nutritional value and quality of their feed, seeking advanced equipment to optimize their production process and improve feed nutrition and palatability.
  3. Reducing Production Costs: The customer sought to lower energy consumption and labor costs by introducing new equipment and technologies to enhance production efficiency and reduce overall costs.


Fish feed mill
Fish Feed Mill

Following thorough discussions and analysis of the customer’s requirements, we recommended our advanced fish feed processing equipment.

Our equipment incorporates cutting-edge technology and efficient production processes, ensuring high-speed and high-efficiency feed production while maintaining feed nutritional content and quality.

  1. Introduction of High-Efficiency Production Equipment: We proposed our fish feed pellet mill, renowned for its high production efficiency and stable performance, to meet the customer’s high-volume production demands.
  2. Customized Production Solutions: We tailored a production plan to suit the customer’s production scale and feed formulations, ensuring efficient operations and optimized feed quality.
  3. Comprehensive After-Sales Service: In addition to equipment sales, we provided comprehensive after-sales services, including installation, commissioning, operation training, equipment maintenance, and spare parts supply, ensuring timely support and assistance for the customer’s operations.
Fish feed mill for business
Fish Feed Mill For Business

Customer Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Production Efficiency: With the introduction of high-efficiency production equipment, the customer significantly increased their feed production efficiency, expanding their production capacity to meet rapidly growing market demands.
  2. Improved Feed Quality: Our advanced equipment and customized production solutions led to a noticeable improvement in feed quality, optimizing feed nutrition and palatability, and receiving positive feedback from consumers.
  3. Reduced Production Costs: The adoption of new equipment and efficient production processes effectively reduced the customer’s production costs, improving production efficiency and generating substantial returns for their business.
Fish feed mill machine in stock
Fish Feed Mill Machine In Stock


Through close collaboration and comprehensive support, we successfully assisted the Indonesian fish farm in optimizing their fish feed production process, enhancing production efficiency and feed quality, and reducing production costs.

We remain committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and services, contributing to mutual success and sustainable development.