The dry type fish feed extruder is a widely used machine for making fish food. The fish food extruder makes the material have a certain shape through the spiral extrusion process.

This dry type fish feed extruder has a combination of one or more functions such as mixing, maturing, kneading, shearing, and forming. Put the crushed raw materials into the hopper, and the fish food pellet machine will produce smooth round pellets.

The final finished fish food pellets can be fed directly to small fish. This passage is mainly about the DGP60-B, and we also have smaller type fish feed pelleting machines.

Dry type fish feed extruder working video

What are the dry type fish feed extruder advantages?

  1. The feed pressed by the dry type fish feed extruder has a certain hardness. Therefore, fish food can be kept in water for a long time. So it can improve the utilization rate and prevent water pollution.
  2. When the raw material is extruded by the dry type fish feed extruder, the temperature is moderate, which can keep the trace elements in the raw material well. And granules have a naturally cooked aroma, and excellent palatability, and are fish and shrimp-like to eat.
  3. We can use different discharge molds to make different sizes of fish food pellets. So we can feed different sizes of fish food pellets reasonably according to the needs of each growth stage of fish.
  4. We can make pellets according to the season of fish diseases by mixing the corresponding control drugs with raw materials. This can prevent and control fish diseases, so as to improve the survival rate of aquatic products.
Stock of dry type fish feed extruder
Stock Of Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder

Features of fish feed pelleting machine

  1. Smooth forming. The surface of the formed fish food pellets is smooth, beautiful, and not rough.
  2. The pellets float for a long time, floating in water for more than 12 hours without sinking.
  3. The fish food pellets will not quickly scatter or sink to the bottom. So there is no pollution in the water.
  4. The treated fish food pellets are processed at high temperatures. Therefore, the finished fish food pellets are free of bacteria, thus further reducing fish diseases.

Working video of the fish feed pellet machine

Fish feed pelleting machine working process

How does the fish feed pelleting machine work?

The fish feed pellet machine operates efficiently and effectively. First, the raw materials are thoroughly mixed before entering the machine, where they undergo extrusion and pelletization to form pellets. Subsequently, the pellets are dried and cooled to achieve the desired state.

Our fish feed pellet machine can rapidly and reliably produce high-quality feed, providing tremendous convenience to our customers. Feel free to contact us for more details and a quote!

Technical parameters of fish feed extruder

Capacity (t/h)0.10-0.12
Main power (kW)15
Feeding power(kW)0.4
Spiral diameter (mm)Φ60
Cutting power0.4
fish feed extruder’s parameter

Application scope of fish pellet-making machine

The dry type fish feed extruder takes corn, soybean, soybean meal, wheat bran, fish meal, and so on as raw materials. Dry-type fish feed extruders can produce fish food pellets in different states and shapes. For example, floating and sinking fish food pellets; and pet pellets of different shapes. The finished products made are good in taste and rich in nutrition.

The final feed finished products are suitable for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, shrimps, dogs, cats, etc.
Generally, the machine is also suitable for professional breeders, small and medium feed mills, and research institutes.

Applications of the fish food pelleting machine
Applications Of The Fish Food Pelleting Machine

Floating fish feed pellet machines die and wearing parts

The wearing parts of the dry type fish feed extruder mainly include the screw, bushing, and blade. Each machine we sell will give six molds to our customers, so they can choose the right one according to their needs.

Models of fish feed extruder
Models Of Fish Feed Extruder

Why choose our fish feed processing machine?

  1. We are a professional manufacturer of fish feed processing machines. From the design of the machine to the material used, in the production, we have a professional team and supervision system. Therefore, the dry-type fish feed extruder produced is reasonable in structure, durable, and good in working.
  2. Our considerate service. We will recommend the right machine for our customers and answer their questions in time. Provide any information that customers need.
  3. The price that can be paid. The price of our dry type fish feed extruder is not high, in line with the needs of the public, and most customers can afford it.
  4. One year after-sales service. We will provide one-year free after-sales service to our customers. Help customers solve their problems.
Fish feed pelleting machine
Fish Feed Pelleting Machine