Automatic hammer mill is a machine that people commonly use to crush grains. The crushed grains are generally used to make raw materials for various feeds. It is the ideal feed processing equipment for breeding plants and a good helper for farmers to make a fortune. Our grain crusher has a simple structure, easy to maintain, and is easy to use. And the machine comes with wheels, making it easy to move. The grain crusher will be paired with our fish food pellet mill production line. It is an essential crushing machine for producing fish food pellets to handle raw materials.

What’s the automatic hammer mill?

We produce various models of grain crushers, and different models have different outputs. Customers can choose the right model according to their needs. Regarding power, the grain mill can work with diesel engines, motors, and tractors. The diesel engine is suitable for use in areas where there is no electricity. The automatic hammer mill has a screen inside the crushing chamber, and the user can choose different sizes of mesh to make different grain powders.

In addition to this, our grain crushers are equipped with a cyclone. This configuration collects the dust and impurities produced by the machine during its work. This way, the working environment will be cleaner, safer, and more hygienic. We now have a total of eight models of grain crushers. Each model can be used in combination with a fish food pellet mill.

Using scopes of the feed grinder

The feed grinder can be used in a wide range of applications, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, corn stalks, peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, peanut skins, dry weeds, and other types of dry feed and coarsely crushed cakes. The crushed materials can be used to feed horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, etc.

The machine is strong and durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, and suitable for various feed mills alone or supporting the use.

Application of the feed grinder
Application Of The Feed Grinder

Components of the poultry hammer mill

Except for the 320 models, the mechanism of the machine is the same. Mainly includes inlet, cyclone, crushing chamber, hammer, screen, fan, etc. The machine has a reasonable structure, easy to operate, suitable for all kinds of feed mills or home use.

What’s the working principle of the grain crusher?

The casing of the grain crusher is welded with high-quality material, the inlet is at the top of the crusher. And it can match various forms of feeding structures. And the hammer blades are symmetrically arranged. When the crusher works, the material enters the crushing chamber. And it is gradually crushed under the action of the high-speed rotating hammer blade and the friction of the screen plate. And under the action of centrifugal force and airflow, the material is discharged through the bottom discharge port.

How does the maize grinding machine work?

Technical parameters of the hammer mill grinder

ModelPowerWeightCapacityHammerDia of sieveSize (mm)
hammer mill grinder’s parameter

Highlights of the high speed hammer mill

1. One machine for multiple uses. The machine can crush a variety of grains and can also handle straw, peanut seedlings, peanut shells, weeds, etc.

2. Easy to operate and use. Staff only need to put the material into the feeding port of the machine can be. From crushing to discharging without people’s hands.

3. Grain crusher is wear-resistant and durable, long service life is the ideal equipment for people to deal with grain. The hammer of our grain mill is made of high-quality material.

4. Our grain crusher is a high-quality grain crushing machine with low vibration, low energy consumption, and low noise.

Manufacturer of the grain hammer mill
Manufacturer Of The Grain Hammer Mill

Grain crusher in fish food pellet mill production line

Since most of the fish food pellets are cereal powder. Therefore the prerequisite for making fish food pellets must be crushing various grains. The front end of our fish pellet mill production line is the grain crusher. We will decide the model of the grain crusher according to the output size of the production line. In addition to the 9FQ other machines can also be used, such as the small mill and the vertical grain mill.

Successful case

9FQ exported to New Zealand Last week our customer ordered a 9FQ-320 model 9FQ from us. The customer owns a chicken farm and he wanted to make his own chicken feed. He searched our website and was interested in the 9FQ. So he contacted us. Our sales manager recommended different models of the machine to the customer. The customer chose the 9FQ-320, which is not very productive, but can also satisfy small farms and home use. After that, the machine’s voltage and the motor’s power were determined. After the customer paid, we started to prepare the machine for transportation.