This week a Peruvian customer bought 6 fish feed pellet making machines from us. This is our regular customer who has bought a grass cutter and grain grinder, oil press, small grain crusher, etc. from us before. He is very interested in our equipment, so he will continue to work with us.

Fish feed pellet making machine customer profile

The customer is an agricultural machinery dealer in Peru, he often buys various agricultural equipment from abroad for distribution. Last week he received an inquiry for a fish pellet making machine from the customer and contacted us directly to learn more about the machine.

Fish feed pellet making machine
Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine

Technical information about the fish feed production machine

Capacity:40- 50kg/h
Main power:7 . 5 kw
Cutter power:0 .4kw
Feed supply power:0 .4 kw
Screw Diameter:40 mm
Size:1260860 1250mm
fish feed production machine parameter

Advantages of Taizy floating fish feed making machine

  1. The fish feed pellet making machine is multi-functional. Customers can make different shapes of pellets with different molds. Our fish food pellet machine can make both sinking feed and floating fish food pellets.
  2. High quality, not easy to have problems, less maintenance, save users’ maintenance cost.
  3. Thoughtful service. We provide a one-year after-sales service, and customers can contact us if they have any questions.
Floating fish feed making machine
Floating Fish Feed Making Machine

Packing and delivery of fish food pellet machine

As we have a fish food pellet machine in stock, we arrange packing and delivery directly after receiving the deposit from customers. The following are the relevant pictures: