Good news! A customer from Niger bought a DGP60-B fish feed pellet mill from us. This fish pellet mill also has a higher capacity of 0.10-0.12t per hour. We also have a smaller-capacity fish feed machine for sale. Our fish pellet mill can work together with the 9FQ. The two machines working together can increase the efficiency of fish food production.

The process for customers to buy a fish feed pellet mill

  1. Customers enter our fish feed machine website by searching. After browsing, they send us an inquiry for a fish feed pellet mill.
  2. We receive the inquiry and immediately communicate with the customer about the fish feed making machine. We sent pictures, videos and parameters of the fish pellet mill for the customer’s reference.
  3. The customer chose the DGP60-B fish pellet mill machine after consideration. Then we communicated with the customer about the power, phase power, and many other details.
  4. Finally, we decided the DGP60-B fish feed processing machine and the customer paid for it.
  5. We received the payment from the customer and immediately prepared to pack the fish feed pellet maker in wooden boxes and transported it to the customer’s port.
Fish food pellet maker
Fish Food Pellet Maker

Parameters of DGP60-B fish food pellet maker

Capacity (t/h)0.10-0.12
Main power (kW)15
Feeding power(kW)0.4
Spiral diameter (mm)Φ60
Cutting power0.4
fish food pellet maker’s parameter
Fish food pellet maker
Fish Food Pellet Maker

Why do customers buy our fish pellet making machine?

  1. We help customers solve many questions. In the process of communication with customers, we solve their questions about the size of fish food pellets, floating problems, power, etc.
  2. Timely reply to customers. Although we have time difference, we also communicate with customers in time to ensure that they can receive effective information.
  3. High-quality fish feed pellet mill. We manufacture fish food pellet mills under strict supervision to ensure that the floating pellet machine produced high-quality equipment.
  4. One year after-sales service. We will help customers to solve any problems related to the machine within one year after they receive the fish food-making machine.