The weather in summer is hot, but it is also a critical season for fish farming growth. But the weather is hot in summer, and fish are more prone to diseases. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the health of fish in summer. Here are a few precautions for raising fish in summer.

一、Strengthen feeding – fish farming

1. Feeding needs to be flexibly adjusted according to the weather, water quality, and fish feeding situation. If the weather is good and the water quality is fresh, you can cast more; otherwise, cast less or not. The concentrated feed should be eaten within half an hour, and the green feed should be eaten on the same day.

2. Feeding times: Feed once at 9-10 am and 2-3 pm.

3. Feed quality: It is advisable to use full-price compound feed, green feed, etc. from regular manufacturers. Or you can make your own fish food using Taizy’s fish food pellet machine.

4. Feeding location: fixed-point feeding.

二、Reasonable fertilization

From July to September, chemical fertilizers are mainly applied, and fertilization is done every 5-7 days. When fertilizing, pay attention to applying less and more frequently, and pay attention to the transparency of the water quality at 25cm, preferably dark brown.

Fish farming
Fish Farming

三、Adjust the water quality

1. Regularly add new water, once every 7-10 days, 15-20cm each time. When the water quality deteriorates, water change measures should be adopted.

2. Use an aerator, and turn on the oxygen at 2-3 noon.

3. Drug oxygenation: 15-20 kg of quicklime is applied every half month.

四、Prevent floating head

1. Be diligent in prevention: patrol the pond three times, focusing on dawn, noon, and dusk, and strictly check the eating situation and whether there are signs of a floating head.

2. Frequently fish for residual bait and floating objects, and remove weeds in the pond.

3. Regularly add new water to improve water quality.

4. It is advisable to take oxygen-increasing measures immediately when the head is floating, so as not to delay the opportunity and cause losses.

五、Pay attention to comprehensive disease prevention

1. Adhere to the disinfection of clear ponds and clear ponds with water.

2. Disinfect the fish species by immersing them in 2-3% salt water for disinfection before stocking.

3. Regular disease prevention, and disinfection with quicklime, 10-20 kg per mu at a depth of 1 meter.

4. If a fish disease is found, ask professional technicians to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the right medicine in time.