Good news! A customer from Mexico bought a DGP70-B fish food pellet machine from us. The output of this model is 0.18-0.20t/h. Our fish food pellet mills are also available in larger or smaller output models, which are complete. Besides the different models, the fish food pellet machine produced by Taizy can also produce different shapes of fish food pellets.

The process for customers to buy fish food pellet machine

  1. The customer contacted us by browsing our fish feed pellet mill website. We communicate with the customer immediately.
  2. First, we send the parameters of each fish feed extruder to the customer. Let the customer choose the right machine output.
  3. The customer chose the DGP70-B fish pellet mill after consideration. We sent the parameters, pictures, and videos of this model to the customer.
  4. The customer had a further understanding of the machine. But the customer wanted a lower price for the machine. We can’t lower the price of the machine, because as a manufacturer this is the lowest price of the machine.
  5. The customer accepted our price for payment. After we received it, we immediately arranged to pack and ship the floating fish pellet machine

Why do customers choose our floating fish pellet machine?

  1. Our commercial fish feed-making machine can make floating fish food. The floating fish food is good for observing the feeding of fish and at the same time, it will not pollute the fish pond.
  2. The puffed fish feed extruder can also make different shapes of fish food pellets. We will give customers six different molds for free. So customers can make different shapes of fish food according to their needs.
  3. High-quality fish food pellet machine, the machine is made of good materials, durable, wear-resistant, long service life.
  4. Thoughtful service. We will recommend the machine according to the customer’s own needs in all aspects.
Fish feed extruder
Fish Feed Extruder