The DGP70-B fish feed mill machine stands as a game-changer in the realm of fish pellet extrusion. With a larger output and an increased screw diameter compared to other fish feed extruder machines, this model is exceptionally well-suited for fish pellet makers of varying scales, be it small, medium, or large operations.

What sets the DGP70-B apart is its versatility, making it a preferred choice across a spectrum of aquaculture enterprises. Especially noteworthy is its seamless integration with complementary machines such as grinders and mixers.

This synergy allows the DGP70-B to efficiently process large quantities of raw materials, meeting the demands of high-capacity fish feed production with unparalleled precision and efficacy.

working video of fish feed extruder

How does the fish feed mill machine work?

1. Material Introduction:

The process begins with the introduction of raw materials into the fish feed mill machine.

2. Mixing and Kneading:

Within the machine, a screw and a sleeve work collaboratively to mix and knead the raw materials thoroughly.

3. Extrusion, Rubbing, and Shearing:

As the raw material enters the puffing cavity, it undergoes extrusion, rubbing, and shearing actions. This leads to a continuous increase in internal pressure and temperature, inducing changes in the material’s structure.

4. Starch Pasting:

Feed pellet making machine

The rising temperature and pressure further facilitate starch pasting, fundamentally altering the composition of the material.

5. High-Temperature Extrusion:

The high-temperature and high-pressure material is then expelled from the discharge port. During this process, water partially undergoes flash evaporation.

6. Cooling Stage:

Following extrusion, the material undergoes a cooling stage. This results in a loose and porous structure, and the swollen material takes on the form of dough, flocculent, or coarse crumbs.

7. Pellet Formation:

The material, now in an optimal state, is shaped into various feed pellets as it exits through the mold.

Structure of fish pellet making machine
Structure Of Fish Pellet Making Machine

Detailed information on fish pellet-making machine

Capacity (t/h)0.18-0.20
Main power (kW)18.5
Feeding power(kW)0.4
Spiral diameter (mm)φ70
Cutting power0.4
fish feed pellet making machine’s parameter
Fish feed mill machine
Fish Feed Mill Machine

Raw materials for making feed pellets

The selection of raw materials plays a pivotal role in the quality and nutritional composition of fish feed pellets. Our feed pellet machine demonstrates exceptional adaptability, capable of processing a diverse array of materials to ensure comprehensive and balanced nutrition in the feed.

Innards, bone powder, and fish powder to cotton seeds, maize, wheat chaff, and rice dust are all applicable raw materials. This flexibility allows you to adjust the composition of the feed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of different fish species and growth stages.

Finished products of feed pellet maker
Finished Products Of Feed Pellet Maker

Animal innards and bone powder provide rich protein and minerals, while fish powder contributes essential fats and proteins. Grain-based materials such as cotton seeds, maize, wheat chaff, and rice dust offer carbohydrates and fiber, ensuring a well-rounded nutritional profile.

Our feed pellet machine, utilizing advanced extrusion processes, efficiently transforms these raw materials into uniform and easily digestible pellets. Whether you’re engaged in small-scale farming or large-scale aquaculture, our equipment meets the demand for high-quality, customized feed. Choosing the right combination of raw materials ensures optimal nutritional support for your fish at every stage of growth.

Outstanding features of the fish feed puffing machines

1. Can adapt to different production requirements.

Large and medium-sized feed mills can use it for raw material processing or special feed production. Such as puffed whole soybean, puffed corn, and cotton meal detoxification treatment.

Also, the fish feed puffing machine can puff pet feed, aquatic feed, fox feed, etc. Small feed mills or large and medium-sized farms can also use this fish feed mill machine as the main equipment, for the production of full-price puffed feed.

Automatic fish pellet making machine
Automatic Fish Pellet Making Machine

2. The fish feed puffing machine can adapt to different materials and different production conditions.

The machine has an automatic speed feeder. And the machine can change the feeding volume according to the situation. The extrusion screw is a sleeve-type combined structure, and the screw sleeve adopts the inner cylinder-type structure.

Therefore, according to different puffing requirements, the flexible composition of the corresponding extrusion screw group, and then equipped with different export pieces, can adapt to different processing conditions.

3. The structure of the fish food pellet mill is simple, practical, and easy to operate and maintain.

Different molds of fish feed pelletizer
Different Molds Of Fish Feed Pelletizer

Machines that can compose a fish food production line

Due to the large output of the DGP70-B of the fish food pellet mill, it is time-consuming and laborious to process the raw materials and the fish food pellets just out of the machine manually.

Therefore, it can be equipped with professional other equipment to form a production line to save processing time and improve the quality of fish pellets.

The machines include a grain crusher, mixer, screw elevator, dryer, bucket elevator, cooler, seasoning machine, etc. We will recommend the right combination of fish food pellet mill lines according to the specific needs of our customers.

Fish feed mill machine for sale
Fish Feed Mill Machine For Sale

Fish pellet mill shipped to Belgium

Our customer from Belgium bought a DGP40 fish feed mill machine from us last week. He has several fish ponds to raise fish. His friend is in the same industry as him and is now using the fish food pellet mill to make feed. So he also wanted to make his fish food pellets.

By searching, he found our website and sent an inquiry to us. So we recommended the 40-model fish food pellet mill according to the output needed by the customer. And it was equipped with diesel engine power according to the customer’s situation. After all the information was confirmed, we started the production of the machine.

Invest in our fish feed mill machine

In the realm of feed processing, our Fish Feed Mill Machine is designed to offer superior solutions for your aquaculture business. Choosing our equipment not only signifies high-quality feed production but also represents a commitment to the success of your business.

Our professional team is ready to provide support. Whether you have specific needs or customization requirements, we will recommend the most suitable machine configuration based on your unique demands.

Contact us now to learn more about the Fish Feed Mill Machine and embark on a journey of customized, efficient, and sustainable feed production. Click the inquiry button below to initiate the path toward a thriving aquaculture venture.