The DGP70-B fish feed mill machine has a larger output and larger screw diameter than other fish feed extruder machines. Therefore, this model is suitable for small, medium, and large fish pellet makers. It is better to use this machine with other machines, such as grinder, mixer, etc. This is because it can process a large number of raw materials and meet the needs of the machine to process large quantities of materials.

Fish feed mill machine
Fish Feed Mill Machine

How does the fish feed mill machine work?

The fish feed mill machine has a screw and a sleeve, which has the function of mixing and kneading. After the raw material enters the puffing cavity, the material is extruded, rubbed, and sheared. The internal pressure rises continuously, the temperature rises continuously, and the organization of the material changes. So that the starch is further pasted. Finally, the high temperature and high-pressure material come out from the discharge port. And the water is partially flash evaporated.

After cooling, the material is loose and porous structure, and the swollen material is in the shape of the dough, flocculent, or coarse crumbs. Finally, it comes out through the mold into various feed pellets.

Fish pellet-making machine's structure
Fish Pellet-Making Machine’S Structure

Detailed information on fish pellet-making machine

Capacity (t/h)0.18-0.20
Main power (kW)18.5
Feeding power(kW)0.4
Spiral diameter (mm)φ70
Cutting power0.4
fish pellet making machine’s parameter

Outstanding features of the fish feed puffing machines

1. Can adapt to different production requirements. Large and medium-sized feed mills can use it for raw material processing or special feed production. Such as puffed whole soybean, puffed corn, and cotton meal detoxification treatment. Also, the fish feed puffing machine can puff pet feed, aquatic feed, fox feed, etc. Small feed mills or large and medium-sized farms can also use this fish feed mill machine as the main equipment, for the production of full-price puffed feed.

2. The fish feed puffing machine can adapt to different materials and different production conditions. The machine has an automatic speed feeder. And the machine can change the feeding volume according to the situation. The extrusion screw is a sleeve-type combined structure, and the screw sleeve adopts the inner cylinder type structure. Therefore, according to different puffing requirements, the flexible composition of the corresponding extrusion screw group, and then equipped with different export pieces, it can adapt to different processing conditions.

3. The structure of the fish food pellet mill is simple, practical, and easy to operate and maintain.

Molds and finished product
Molds And Finished Product

Machines that can compose a fish food production line

Due to the large output of the DGP70-B of the fish food pellet mill, it is time-consuming and laborious to process the raw materials and the fish food pellets just out of the machine manually. Therefore, it can be equipped with professional other equipment to form a production line to save processing time and improve the quality of fish pellets. The machines include a grain crusher, mixer, screw elevator, dryer, bucket elevator, cooler, seasoning machine, etc. We will recommend the right combination of fish food pellet mill lines according to the specific needs of our customers.

Fish pellet mill shipped to Belgium

Our customer from Belgium bought a DGP40 fish feed mill machine from us last week. He has several fish ponds to raise fish. His friend is in the same industry as him and is now using the fish food pellet mill to make feed. So he also wanted to make his own fish food pellets. By searching, he found our website and sent an inquiry to us. So we recommended the 40 model fish food pellet mill according to the output needed by the customer. And it was equipped with diesel engine power according to the customer’s situation. After all the information was confirmed, we started the production of the machine.