Feed grinder and mixer is a machine that can crush and mix various grains. The machine integrates vertical lifting, mixing bin, and horizontal feeding into one. Therefore, it has the advantages of compact structure, small one-time investment, economical and practical, small footprint, etc.

What are the feed grinder and mixer?

There are two parts of a feed grinder and mixer, one is to crush the grain and the other is to mix the grain powder. The processed materials pass through the crusher first and then enter the mixing part. The final material finished product is a well-mixed grain powder. We produce different models of feed-crushing mixers. It can meet the different needs of people for output. Also, we have the 9FQ, which is also the machine can crush the raw material.

Poultry feed mixer machine
Poultry Feed Mixer Machine

Detailed information on the poultry feed mixer machine

ModelCrusher PowerMixer powerCapacity (kg/h)Size (mm)Weight(kg)
poultry feed mixer machine’s parameter

What is the power of the feed mixer machine?

The power of this feed grinder and mixer can be an electric motor and diesel engine. The machine is concluded two parts, they can both use an electric motor or diesel engine. Customers can choose according to their needs.

Using scope of the poultry feed mixer machine

Material: The feed grinder and mixer is a professional feed processing equipment so that he can process corn, beans, wheat, rice sorghum, and other grains.
Usage: The processed material can be used to raise pigs, cows, horses, rabbits, chickens, fish, and so on.
Users: The machine is economical and suitable for rural feeders, small feedlots, and small and medium-sized compound feed mills.

What’s the structure of the feed mixer machine?

The crushing mixer contains the feed inlet, crusher, mixer, miscellaneous grain inlet, outlet, and power. The overall structure is simple, easy to operate, and covers a small area.

Structure of the feed mixer machine
Structure Of The Feed Mixer Machine

How does the feed grinder and mixer work?

  1. Crusher part: When the material is sucked or sent into the broken crushing chamber, the hammer blade will continuously strike and collide with the material. Therefore, the material will be quickly broken into powder or granular. Then by centrifugal force or airflow, the material is discharged into the impeller chamber under the crusher through the screen.
  2. Mixing mechanism: When the material propeller rotates to lift the material to the top of the mixing barrel. At this time the material is evenly thrown into the mixing barrel, and the mixing barrel work to mix the material thoroughly.

What machines can work with the feed grinding and mixing machine?

The machine is the front-end equipment for feed processing. So the machine can work with feed making machine. For example, fish food pellet mill and poultry feed machine.

Fish feed pelletizer
Fish Feed Pelletizer

Advantages of the feed grinder and mixer

  1. High efficiency of the feed grinder and mixer. Crushing and mixing are connected together, and we can use the processed material directly to make feed pellets.
  2. The crusher can change the screen to make different fineness of the powder. The mixer mixes evenly and thoroughly, and can fully mix different materials.
  3. The mixing part also has an inlet, from which the user can add other materials.
  4. The machine is wear-resistant, durable, and has a long service life.
Feed grinding and mixing machine
Feed Grinding And Mixing Machine

Safety precautions

  1. The unit must have grounding and leakage protection devices to ensure the personal safety of staff.
  2. Do not force feed the material by hand, stick, iron bar, etc. when the feed opening is blocked.
  3. We should install the machine in a place away from fire, ventilation, and light.
  4. The operator of the feed grinder and mixer must undergo strict professional training and be familiar with the various functions and precautions of the preparation machine. In the process of operation and use, the operator should strictly abide by the operation procedures and should not violate the rules.
Crushed corn
Crushed Corn