Congratulations! Our customer bought a small floating fish feed machine from us. He is a fish food producer in Angola, but before he was producing sinking fish food pellets. Now he wants to produce floating fish food pellets and he contacted us because he was interested in our machine through comparison. Our floating fish feed machine has various functions to produce floating and sinking fish food pellets, and can also produce different shapes of poultry feed pellets.

Small floating fish feed machine order details

The customer owns a small fish food pellet mill and he wants to change the previous sinking feed into floating feed. By reading our fish feed pellet machine website, the customer was interested in our machine and contacted us via WhatsApp. He hoped we could give him help and advice on producing floating fish food pellets.

Small floating fish feed machine
Small Floating Fish Feed Machine

Communicating with the customer about the fish feed pelletizer

After we received the message from the customer, we sent pictures and videos of the fish feed pelletizer to the customer. We also sent the parameters of all the fish food pellet models for the customer to choose the model he wanted. The customer chose the DPG 50 model after looking at it. Then we made a quotation to the customer. The customer had no problem with the price. So then we confirmed to the customer the voltage, Hz, and single or three-phase, destination of the machine. Then the customer made the payment.

Transportation of the fish feed extruder machine

Immediately after receiving the payment, we arrange the production of the machine and then pack the machine in wooden boxes. We send pictures of the machine to the customer before shipping. Then we arrange the transport of the small floating fish feed machine to the port of Lobito. From the time the machine is shipped, we keep the customer updated with the logistics information so that they can be assured of the machine’s transportation.

Parameters of the floating fish feed pellet machine for sale

Capacity (t/h)0.06-0.08
Main power (kw)11
Feeding power(kw)0.4
Spiral diameter (mm)Φ50
Cutting power0.4
floating fish feed pellet machine’s parameter

Questions about Small floating fish feed machine

1. Where do you need us to ship?

Luanda Por

2. How to send the money?

We will make a proforma invoice with our bank account, and then you go to the bank to pay it into our bank account.

3. Do you ship to Lobito?

If not it’s ok in Luanda. It is to Luanda, Angola, but Lobito is the same I think.

4. What are your voltage, Hz, and single or three phases?

The voltage is 380v and it is 3 phase

5. What sizes of molds do you need?

1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm.

Repair and maintenance of fish feed extruder machine

  1. The bearing box oil should be refilled in time. After 500 hours of operation, replace all the oil once.
  2. Change the oil of the reducer regularly.
  3. Other bearing parts should be filled with grease regularly.
  4. Raw materials should be cleaned, and metal and other foreign objects are strictly prohibited to enter the machine.
  5. Check the quality of puffed material at any time, and pay attention to the replacement of wearing parts.
  6. Long-term shutdown or replacement of puffed materials, the hopper, and puffing cavity (group) to remove the material clean, so as to avoid caking, mildew, or cross-contamination between materials.
Factory of the fish feed extruder
Factory Of The Fish Feed Extruder