Nowadays, many fish farmers choose to make their own fish food feed by the floating fish feed extruder. So choosing the right fish food pelletizer is the first thing that many farmers need to consider. We have a variety of fish feed pellet machines and production lines, and we will also provide buyers with fish feed recipes to help customers make the fish feed more smoothly.

Benefits of fish feed pellets for fish feeding

1. Fish feed pellets are made from floating fish feed extruders. It contains main ingredients such as water, protein, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. So, fish feed has different formulations for different kinds of fish, growth cycles, and development stages.

2. Fish need energy for maintenance, movement, metabolism, and growth. And the feed required by fish varies in quantity and quality depending on the size, growth period, and digestive anatomy of the fish.

3. Using the scientific formulation for the fish feed pellets is good for facilitating the weight gain and growth of fish. And fish feed pellets are made from the best proportion of energy, protein, minerals, and other nutrients. So, they are suitable for all kinds of fish and can meet the nutritional requirements for growth.

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Why do fish farmers prefer to make fish feed pellets by themselves?

  1. There are many local cheap raw materials for making fish feed pellets.
  2. Fish farmers can choose the ingredients of feed pellets according to their needs.
  3. The floating fish feed extruder suppliers can provide a detailed guide for making catfish feed pellets.
Fish feed pellets
Fish Feed Pellets

How to make fish feed pellets?

  1. Raw material selection: various grains, oils, and proteins. For example soybean meal, cottonseed meal, corn pellets, wheat, fish meal, etc.
  2. Crushing: Use a grain mill to process the ingredients.
  3. Mixing: This is a blender to mix the various materials and other added ingredients.
  4. Extrusion: Then put the mixed feed mixture into the floating fish feed extruder. And choose a suitable discharge die to make fish food pellets.
  5. Pellet drying: Next use the dryer to process the finished fish food pellets. Because the dried fish food pellets are more conducive to preserving and protecting the vitamins in the pellets. 
  6. Packing machine: Finally, use a packing machine to pack the feed pellets to protect them from insects, rodents, and moisture.
Floating fish feed extruder produnction line
Floating Fish Feed Extruder Produnction Line

How does the fish feed production line work?