A customer from Cote d’Ivoire bought a fish feed extrusion line from us. The production capacity of the line is 300 kg/h. The customer feeds his own tilapia and he wants to make fish food pellets according to his needs. We equipped the customer with the fish food pellet production line according to his production requirements.

As the output of the fish food pelleting machine required by the customer is relatively large, it will be more time and energy-saving to equip the production line.

Fish feed extrusion line’s order details

Get inquiries from customer

We have our own youtube channel. The customer saw our fish feed extrusion line video while browsing YouTube. Interested in our machine. So he contacted us through WhatsApp in the video. We received the inquiry from the customer and immediately communicated with him. This saves the customer time and allows us to respond to any questions they may have in a timely manner.

Fish feed extruder
Fish Feed Extruder

Communication details with the client about the fish feed pellet plant

During the communication process, we first determined the output to the customer. Video and pictures of the machine were sent to the customer. After that, we determined that the customer needed 300kg/h output. We sent the customer the detailed parameters of the DGP80 fish feed-making machine, including the power, voltage, size, output, weight, and material of the machine. This can let the customer have a more comprehensive understanding of the machine. The customer then indicated that the model met his expectations. Our sales manager then made all the PI’s of the fish feed extrusion line and sent them to the customer. After the customer received it, he discussed it with his partner. After that, he said he could buy it.

Parameters of the DGP80 fish pellet extruder machine

Capacity (t/h)0.2-0.3
Main power (kw)22
Feeding power(kw)0.6
Spiral diameter (mm)φ80
Cutting power0.6

What machines are included in the fish feed pellet making line?

Our fish food pellet machine line has more complete matching. The customer can also choose some of these machines according to his needs. The machines chosen by the customer are a hammer mill, 2 sets of screw conveyors, mixers, a fish pellet-making machine, an air conveyor, and a fish feed dryer. These machines together meet all the requirements of a fish feed extrusion line. They are ideal for small and medium-sized fish farmers and fish pellet makers.

Fish feed extrusion line
Fish Feed Extrusion Line

How does the fish feed production line work?

fish feed production line

Questions concerning aquatic feed pellet production line

Our questions

1. How many kg do you want to make per hour?

Hi, around 300kg. Ok friend, according to your output need, our DGP80 is suitable for you.

2. Do you feed fish?  

Yes, tilapia.

3. When do you want to use it?

As soon as possible

4. Do you have a shipping agent in China?

We have a company in Ivory Coast that will do everything. They will contact you.

5. About the size of the mold do you need it?

We will provide 6 pcs, you can choose the size you need.

Customer’s question

2. Do you have a mixer that’s bigger?

Yes, will send you the price list

3. Do you have a larger mixer and dryer?

Dryer 300 kg/h.

4. Can I take two small dryers?

Yes, it is also ok.

5. Do you have also installation videos of the fish feed extrusion line? who can help with the installation?

The fish feed extrusion line we send is the whole set, just need to install the inlet parts or other small parts, it is very easy, and we can send a video to help you install it.

6. What about electricity?

In three phases electricity and single phase, we will provide a control cabinet to help you.

7. How much do I have to pay in advance?

30% ok. And when the machine is ready, we send you the picture, you pay the balance and we send the machine

Payment and shipping of floating fish feed pellet plant

After all the details of the fish feed extrusion line are determined, such as the machine model, electricity, shipping, etc., the customer intends to pay 30% in advance. The customer intends to pay 30% upfront and the rest of the amount after the machine is completed. After the deposit is paid, we start the production of the fish feed extrusion line. The machine is then packed in wooden boxes and prepared for shipping. The machine is shipped to the port and the customer’s shipping agent is notified to take delivery of the machine.

Shipping of fish feed pelleting machine line
Shipping Of Fish Feed Pelleting Machine Line

What are the services we provide?

1. Prompt communication and response. No matter when and where we are, we will answer customers’ questions and communicate effectively with them in a timely manner.

2. Comprehensive machine information. We will provide customers with videos, pictures, and parameters of the machine.

3. Provide customers with reasonable advice on machine selection. According to the customer’s output, recommend the appropriate machine model.

4. Suitable machine price. Our machines are of high quality and low price, which meet the consumer expectations of most customers.

5. One-year after-sales service. We will provide customers with free one-year after-sales service, customers can contact us to deal with any problems.

Stock of our fish food machines
Stock Of Our Fish Food Machines