If you want your floating fish feed pellet machine to last longer and be more durable, people should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the fish pelletizer. The following are a few suggestions from Taizy for maintaining fish pellets.

Clean the raw material regularly

If you don’t use the floating fish feed pellet machine for more than 1 month, it is important to remove the material from the hopper and the puffing chamber in time. This is because the material left inside will harden if not used for a long time. In addition to this, the raw material will be absorbent and if not removed. And it may accelerate the corrosion of the mould surface. Timely removal will prevent lumps of material, mould or cross-contamination between materials.

The machine should be stored in a dry and ventilated place

Most of the moulds for the floating fish feed pellet machines are made of alloy steel. It is not recommended to store them in a damp place. This is because prolonged moisture may corrode the machine and damage it, thus greatly reducing its service life.

Floating fish feed pellet machine
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Timely oil filling and oil change

The bearing box oil should be refilled in time. In general, all floating fish feed pellets are replaced once after 500 hours of operation. And new floating fish feed pellet machines should have their oil changed after 300 hours of operation. The speed reducer should also be changed regularly. The rest of the other bearing parts need to be greased regularly.

Moldes of the floating fish feed pellet machine
Moldes Of The Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

To replace wearing parts properly

When replacing wearing parts (squeeze spiral, steam plug, gasket, etc.), use a brass rod to knock lightly and do not use hard objects to hit hard. It is strictly forbidden to place heavy objects or stand people one the puffing chambers.

Wearing parts
Wearing Parts

Raw materials should be clean and free of debris

We should check the raw material, there should be no stones, metal and other debris. Otherwise, the machine will be damaged.

Correct operation of the fish pellet extruder

Customers should read the manual before using the fish pellet extruder to understand the precautions to be taken during use. It is not easy to stop the machine at will when it is running.

These are our suggestions for the daily maintenance of the fish feed pellet machine. Customers are welcome to consult the fish pellet mill at any time!

Fish pellet extruder
Fish Pellet Extruder