Small grain grinders are great for home use. At the same time, the use of this machine with a thresher can greatly improve the efficiency. In addition to purchasing a small grain grinder, our customer also purchased two sets of thresher machine for rice and wheat.

In this way, customers can thresh rice and wheat first, and then put them into a corn grinder to make flour. In addition, we also have special equipment for grinding corn, corn grits making machine. This machine can make three forms of finished products in one machine.

Why do customers need small grain grinder?

After communicating with customers, we learned that customers make grain powder for their own consumption at home. At the same time, it is also intended to be used to make feed ingredients. Because it is a waste of time to use someone else to handle the grain.

Small grain grinder
Small Grain Grinder

Purchasing process of customers of home maize grinding machine

We receive inquiries from customers on Alibaba. After receiving it, our sales manager coco communicated with the customer. First of all, we confirmed the needed machines with the customer again. Afterwards, the customers were provided with pictures, videos and parameters of the rice and wheat thresher and small grain grinder. After reading it, the customer determined three devices that met his needs. In addition, the customer also purchased another 20 screens. These screens come in different pore sizes and can also be replaced with old or new ones.

Bean fodder crusher payment and shipping

The customer pays 50% of the payment first. Then we started to prepare the small grain grinder and rice and wheat thresher. After everything is ready, we will notify the customer to accept the machine and collect the remaining payment. Upon receipt, we arranged to pack and ship the three machines.

What equipment do we have for grain crushing?

In addition to grain grinder machines, there are also grinding and pulping machines, self-priming small mills, 9FQ, vertical grain grinding mixers, corn grits making machines, corn flour mills, etc. In addition to crushing grains, customers can actually use grain threshers and grinders to work together. We have multifunctional threshers, rice and wheat threshers, corn threshers, sorghum threshers, etc.

If you are interested in the machine, or have questions, please contact us. We will provide you with professional answers.