Pet food production line is professional equipment that can produce various shapes of pet food. The line generally has several machines combined with a high degree of automation. And different models can produce different outputs. Customers can choose the right machine model according to their needs.

Besides, we have different discharge molds, so we can produce many different shapes. There are many machines included in our production line, so customers can buy the whole set or choose the equipment they need.

Using scopes of pet food production line

1. Raw materials:

Starch raw materials: corn protein powder, corn flakes, gluten, wheat bran, or malt type.

Protein raw materials: soybean meal and soybean coarse meal, meat meal bone meal, poultry meal, and fish meal.

2. Applicable pets:

Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird Food, etc.

3. Users:

Professional pet food producers.

Main components of the pet food extruder processing line

Nowadays, more and more people are feeding their pets. Therefore, the demand for pet food is also increasing. At the same time, people’s needs for the nutrition and quality of pet food are getting higher and higher.

Therefore, the use of professional and high-quality pet food production equipment is also the demand of manufacturers.

Our pet food extruder processing line includes a flour mixer, spiral conveyor, twin screw extruder, air conveyor, continuous dryer-electricity type, conveyor, flavoring machine, oil spray machine, condiment adder, cooling machine, packing machine, etc.

Pet food extruder processing line
Pet Food Extruder Processing Line

Workflow of dry pet food production

Process flow: raw material composition → mixing → conveying → extrusion and puffing → conveying → drying → oil spraying → flavoring → packing. In this process, each step is handled by professional equipment.

Main equipment and functions of the animal food processing line

1. Mixer

This flour mixer is used to mix raw materials such as corn flour, and rice flour with liquid and other additives. It is the second step in the pet food production line.

Power 4KW
Mixing time90-120 seconds per time 
Tank volume30kg/time 
Dimension1100 x 1050 x 1400mm 
Voltage380V 50HZ Three Phase, or according to buyer’voltage
Mixer’s parameter

2. Spiral Conveyer

The machine can convey the mixed material inside the pet grain extruder.

Screw conveyor
Screw Conveyor
Dimension3100 x 800 x 2000mm
Voltage380V 50HZ Three Phase
Conveyer’s technical parameter

3. Double Screw Extruder

This machine is used for continuous automatic pasting of flour and starch.

After dosing, the material is worked by two co-rotating screws composed of segmented modules with the following functions: forward and backward conveying, mixing, adding additives, injecting liquids, degassing, cooking, and forming.

It is the machine that produces the pet food in the pet food production line.

Double screw extruder
double screw extruder
Feeder power0.75kw,frequency control
Extruding power 22kw, frequency controlcutting
Power0.75kw,frequency control
 Oil pump power0.37kw
 Heating power10kw, three areas controlled separately
 Speed control Three frequency control speed
Double Screw Extruder‘s parameter

4. Air conveyor

Air conveyor
Air conveyor
Dimension2900 x 160 x 2300mm
Voltage380V 50HZ Three Phase
Air Conveyer’S Parameter

5. Continuous Dryer-electricity type

This dryer in the pet food production line is used to roast the extruded snack, make it more crispy, and dry the product to reduce the moisture percentage, so that the snack could get a long time shelf time and better taste.

Continuous dryer-electricity type
continuous dryer-electricity type
Heating type  electric heating(if need gas or diesel or steam heating type, tell us in advance) 
Motor power1.1KWelectricity type, Electric heating power:54kwIf gas type, gas consumption:10-12m³/hIf diesel type, diesel consumption:6-8kg/h
Layerthree layers
Dimension5000 x 1100 x 1800mm
Voltage380V 50HZ Three Phase
Continuous Dryer-Electricity Type’S Parameter

6. Flavoring machine-single drum

The flavoring machine mixes the seasoning and oil and snack in the rotating drum.

Hoister Power 0.55KW
Feeder hopper power0.37kw
Rotating drum power0.75kw
Dimension3500 x 1100 x 1700mm
Voltage380V 50HZ Three Phase
Flavoring machine-single drum’s parameter

7. Oil Spray Machine

This machine is combined with the flavoring machine, the pump sprays the oil on the surface of the snack.

Oil spray machine
Oil Spray Machine
Pump Power0.75KW
Electric heating power3kw
Tank volume50L
Dimension1200 x 1100 x 1300mm
Voltage380V 50HZ Three Phase
Oil Spray Machine‘s parameter

8. Condiment adder

It is used for adding powder on the surface of the product, screw feeding, and manual speed can be adjusted

Condiment adder
Condiment Adder
Power supply voltage380V/50HZ
Installed power0.37KW
Hopper volume10kg
Production capacity100-200Kg/h
Condiment adder’s parameter

9. Cooling machine

Used for first cooling and conveying of products

Cooling machine
Cooling Machine
Power supply voltage380V/50HZ
Installed power0.75KW
Fan4 0.15kw/pc
Production capacity100-300Kg/h
Cooling machine’s parameter

Successful case

The pet food production line is sold to Italy. Some time ago, a customer sent us an inquiry for a pet grain production line of 150kg-250kg/h.

We contacted the customer immediately. Through our communication, we understood that the customer was interested in the pet food production industry and wanted to purchase the corresponding machines for his business. The customer looked at our quotation and decided on a few machines that he needed.

Our sales manager then recreated the quotation for the customer. After reading it, the customer said he would place an order next week. The customer then paid and we arranged for the pet food production line to be shipped directly to Italy.

Shipping of the pet food making machine
Shipping Of The Pet Food Making Machine

FAQs of Shuliy’s pet food production line

1. What is the price of the pet food production line?

Our pet food production line contains several machines, so customers can buy all of them or select the ones they need.
Therefore, the price of the machines varies depending on the combination of machines.
We will recommend the right combination of machines for our customers.

2. What is the material of the machine?

As the machine is making food, our machines are made of stainless steel and can directly contact the food material of the machine. Customers can place orders with confidence.

3. What is the output of the pet food production line?

We have commonly sold 150KG/H and 250KG/H output.

4. Can the machine produce different shapes of pet food?

Yes, you only need to change the shape of the discharge mold you need.

5. Can you provide the floor space and layout of the pet food production line?

Yes, you can. We will provide the corresponding floor space and layout plan if you need it.

Pet food extruder processing line
Pet Food Extruder Processing Line