Something to celebrate! The customer in Ecuador is an end-user of a fish feed machine. He bought from us a fish feed machine DGP80-B, which can produce 300-500 kg of fish food per hour.

Customer’s purchase process of fish feed machine

  1. The customer enters our website through search and finds the product he needs, the fish feed machine. Then send an inquiry to us.
  2. We receive the inquiry and send the picture, video, and parameters of the fish feed machine to the customer. Let the customer choose the line model he needs. After consideration, the customer chose the 80 models of fish pellet mill.
  3. Then we send the customer all the details of this model of fish pellet mill. The customer decided to buy a fish food pellet mill 80. Since the screw and screw sleeve of the fish pellet mill are wearing parts, the customer bought another set of screws and screw sleeves.
Fish feed machine
Fish Feed Machine

Packing and transportation of the fish food pellet making machine

After we receive the payment from the customer, we will arrange to make the fish feed production machine. We will inform the customer when the fish pellet machine is finished. The customer pays the final payment and we arrange the packing and shipping of the fish food pellet machine. Since the customer has a freight forwarder, we ship the machine directly to the freight forwarder.

Why do customers buy our floating pellet machine?

  1. Complete models of floating pellet machine. We have different models of fish feed processing machines, which can meet people’s different needs for output.
  2. The price of our fish feed machine is affordable. We will send 6 molds to our customers for free. Since we are a factory, our price is the most suitable.
  3. One year after-sales service. Customers can give us feedback on any problems within one year after they receive the machine.
Floating pellet machine
Floating Pellet Machine