Our grain hammer mill can handle a wide variety of materials. In addition to processing grains, it can also handle various straws and grasses. For example, corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, corn stover, peanut seedlings, etc. Therefore, this grain crusher is a good helper for making feed raw materials. In addition, we also have vertical grain mills and small grain grinders that specialize in crushing grains.

New Zealand Customer Profile

What the customer bought from us is the 9FQ-360 model grain hammer mill. The machine output of this model is 600kg/h. This model is not high output among the 9FQ models. Besides that, we have other 6 models of poultry hammer mills. The customer purchased the grain crusher for his own use. In addition to the grain grinder, he also purchased a hand-held corn planter.

Grain hammer mill
Grain Hammer Mill

The process of customers buying grain hammer mill

The customer is directly adding our WhatsApp to send the inquiry about the grain hammer mill. Our sales manager Winnie communicated with the customer immediately about the machine. Firstly, we sent pictures and videos of the feed grinder to the customer. Then, we sent the price of the machine and the shipping cost of the grain grinder to the port of Auckland, New Zealand according to the customer’s demand. Later, the customer said that he needed a hand-held corn planter, and we added all the shipping costs together and sent it to the customer.

Payment and shipping of grain grinder

Before customers pay, more concerned about our shipping time. Generally, we will ship the goods within 7-15 days after receiving the payment. Before the machine is shipped, we make a video with the customer to let the customer check the grain hammer mill. Then prepare the wooden box for packing and transporting the hammer mill machine.

What is the reason for customers to buy our hammer mill machine?

  1. We are a professional agricultural machinery manufacturer. We have always been committed to manufacturing high-quality machines to bring convenience to customers. Customers in most of the countries we export to say that the machines are durable.
  2. We will provide customers with suitable purchase suggestions. We will recommend suitable machines and models according to the specific situation of customers. Let customers really benefit.
  3. One year after-sales service. We will provide one year of after-sales service for all our machines. Customers can use our machines with confidence.
  4. Comprehensive machine information. We will send detailed machine parameters to customers for reference.