A customer from the Democratic Republic of Congo has purchased a DGP-80 fishing pellet making machine. This fish pellet making machine is designed to produce floating fish pellets. In addition to the fish pellet mill, we also have a mixer and a grain grinder. The customer can use these machines to work together to produce fish pellets efficiently.

Why the customer bought the fishing pellet making machine?

The Congolese customer is setting up a fish pellet factory and the plant is being built. Therefore the customer wanted to purchase a fishing pellet making machine in advance.

Floating fish feed pellet machine
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

The customer’s process for purchasing a floating fish feed pellet machine

  1. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales manager Grace immediately confirmed the required output to the customer.
  2. The customer chose the DGP120 fish pellet mill, which has an output of. Later the customer said that the fish feed making machine price was too expensive. So we recommended the DGP80 floating pellet machine to him.
  3. We, therefore, changed the PI and later confirmed to the customer that the destination port was Mombasa and checked the sea freight charges.
  4. After that, the customer paid for the order and we started making the floating fish feed pellet machine.

Payment and shipping of the floating pellet machine

The customer paid a 40% deposit in advance. We start making the floating feed making machine. After the machine is made, we inform the customer to check the machine and then pay the final payment. We pack the fish pellet mill in wooden boxes and ship the machine.

Small floating fish feed machine
Small Floating Fish Feed Machine

What is the price of a floating fish feed extruder machine?

We are a professional manufacturer of fishing pellet making machines.

Because they have different configurations and different outputs, the prices are also different. Large-capacity fish food pellet machines generally need to work together with other machines to form a production line. Some customers also need to produce other molds to make particles of different shapes.

Therefore, the price of the machine will vary with the purchase of specific models, configurations and other molds.

Fishing pellet making machine
Fishing Pellet Making Machine