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Welcome to Taizy Machinery!

Taizy is a manufacturer specializing in the production of fish food pellet machinery, pet pellet machinery, and production line-related machinery. We have a professional machine research and manufacturing team, we are committed to producing and manufacturing higher-quality machines. Since its establishment, Taizy has been in the business of exporting machines. So we have rich experience in exporting. Therefore our fish and pet food pellet machines have been sold all over the country. Our customers have also appreciated the quality and working effect of the machines. Taizy Machinery is looking forward to cooperating with you!

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Fish & pet food production solutions

Professional production line to produce high-quality fish and pet food.

Animal Feed Pellet Production Line

In the dynamic realm of modern agriculture, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the Animal Feed Pellet Production Line emerges as a cornerstone of sustainable livestock management.

Pet food production line丨Pet food extruder processing line

Pet food production line is professional equipment that can produce various shapes of pet food. It is composed by many machines.

Hot products

Our professional machines can make all forms of fish food and pet food.

Fish feed pelletizer stands as the epitome of precision and efficiency in the production of nutritionally balanced feed for aquatic species.

The DGP70-B fish feed mill machine has a larger output and screw diameter. So, it is suitable for small, medium, and large fish pellet makers.

The dry type fish feed extruder is widely used. It makes the raw material have a certain shape through the spiral extrusion.

Fish pellet making machine can process the material into feed pellets. The finished products can be floating or sinking pellets.

Why choose Taizy Machinery?

Welcome to Taizy Machinery!


High quality products

Before manufacturing, we have a professional team to design the machine. We will use high-quality materials and a strict quality control system when manufacturing.


Supporting production line

For fish food pellets and pet food we have a complete production line to match. From raw materials to finished products, each link is equipped with the corresponding professional equipment.


All-around service

Before, during, and after the sale, we will consider the customers' point of view, recommend the right machine for the customer and provide quality harvesting service.

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Our machines are popular in many countries.


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